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Shakespeare Surgery
Worsley Mesnes
Health Centre
Poolstock Lane

Tel: 01942 481531
Fax: 01942 481543
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Simple general health checks
Worried about your health?
Want a general check up?
Wonder what your blood pressure actually is?
Whatís my cholesterol and should I have it checked?
How do I loose weight and get fit?
Do I need an ECG to check my heart?
Do I need a check for diabetes as it runs in my family?

In todayís increasingly health conscious world there is lots of information around about what appears to be an ideal health but sometimes it feels there are no easy answers about how this relates to you. The local doctorís surgery often appears to be so busy looking after lots of ill people that you donít like to bother them with these seemingly trivial queries. But they are important to you and you want to hear answers! After all knowledge is the most powerful resource that we all have. The only way any change occurs is if we make it ourselves.

Shakespeare Services can assist in this process by giving you swift timely advice and information, combined with appropriate examinations and investigations, to help you make the necessary changes that you wish. This will let you see the future as you want it and achieve it now. Part of the way we can help you achieve these changes, when you may have struggled by yourself, is by our innovative use of NLP techniques to help you work out your key triggers so you can decide what works best for your self.

Second opinion/clarification of matters

Sometimes when you have seen your GP, he may have missed the real concern you were worried about. However, you donít feel that now you can go back and ask again because you donít want to appear foolish, asking what may sound like an odd question.

The consultant at the hospital again may have been excellent but because of the time pressures he may have been rushed. This meant that you couldnít ask all the questions that you wanted. If you contact us we can help you to fill in the gaps.

Sometimes people just plain disagree with what they have been told by their regular sources of medical help such as their GP, and just want a second opinion from an independent source. Shakespeare Services can help to answer sensitively and discretely all questions, and after an appropriate examination, can offer advice to clarify an individualís concerns.

For more information contact in confidence the practice.

General health information

We are an excellent source of up to date information on all the latest health concerns and offer an instant update service on the breaking news stories and whether or not you need to take any further action yourself.

Please contact us for further information.

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