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NLP (or Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a concept that is starting to enter awareness of the general public but about which there is some mystery and uncertainty about what precisely it is all about. In simple terms it is not a new science or technique, but simply a bringing together in one place a large amount of information about how the brain actually works. Some of the techniques when used appear very common sense and obvious but bring back into awareness for an individual what they are doing and the consequences of their actions. From self awareness comes an ability for people to then make change.

One way of considering it is to consider the brain as being like a modern mobile phone. When we leave the shop having bought the latest model, we have this amazing lump of functional technology that can do so much stuff. How often though do we get home phone a mate to tell them about the phone and agree to meet up to show it off. In the pub we send a couple of texts and play a little bit with the camera. You donít bother connecting to the internet just yet because there is only £10 on the phone and youíre a bit short of money until the weekend. After a few beers itís time to go home and sleep and the next day you are busy at work. There never seems to be quite time to read the instruction book. Over the following months later you may realise there is a calendar function, a calculator, games, phone number book etc but never quite seem to realize the potential of what you carry around with you all the time. NLP is the instruction book for the most powerful piece of mobile technology yet invented, that being your brain. It lets you take control and set direction for any area of your life that you decide.

"In life, as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are."

Arnold H. Glasgow

How does this apply in a practical sense? How can this help me?

It could be in a general area such as how do I get my life back on track? How can I succeed at work or home? How to get that promotion or job I really want?

Click here for more information on Coaching and Personal Development.

It could be relating to a specific illness that you feel is inhibiting you or causing problems. Positive thought processes and actions may not cure the problem but will remove many of the practical effects upon you.

In our experience a number of specific issues such as phobias, smoking cessation, weight issues, chronic anxieties or chronic non explainable pain are frequently resolved to the satisfaction of the individual. Ultimately the process puts someone back in charge of their own mind and gives them the ability to make changes that they truly wish. This is not a miracle cure and does involve an individual making changes to achieve want they want. The process, whilst brief, is not easy as the reasons stopping change occurring will need addressing. Our practitioners are skillful in numerous techniques including Time Line Therapy TM to make the process not only successful but satisfactory and safe.


For more details of how to receive help and support in this way please  contact us.

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